Adding objects from the All Objects panel

The All Objects panel, which is a part of the Object Browser, displays a list of all folders and objects in the project to which you have access. You can locate objects such as attributes, attribute elements, metrics, prompts, and filters to add to the view filter, report filter, report grid, and so on.

* You need to know the type of prompt when deciding where and how to add a prompt to a report. For example, Object prompts are most commonly placed directly on a report, but can also be placed in the condition part of a metric's definition in the Metric Editor, depending on the type of object in the Object prompt. For a table listing where to place different types of prompts, see Adding a prompt to a report.

In the All Objects panel, both folders and objects are displayed together. Shortcuts to the My Personal Objects, Attributes, Metrics, and Hierarchies folders are available in the All Objects panel.

If DHTML is disabled, there are two separate lists in the All Objects panel: one for folders and one for objects. To open a folder, select it and click the Open button.


You must have the necessary report designer privileges to see the All Objects tab. For more information, contact your administrator.

To add an object from the All Objects panel to the report

1 Open a report in Design Mode or Grid, Grid and Graph, or Graph view. (How?)
2 Open the Object Browser, if it is not already displayed.
* In Design Mode, the Object Browser is shown by default and cannot be hidden.
3 On the Object Browser, click the All Objects tab.
4 To search for objects in the project in which you are currently working, type the name of the object in the Find text field and press Enter or click the Find icon.
5 To add an object to the report, do one of the following:
If DHTML is enabled, do one of the following from the All Objects tab:
Drag the object to the desired location on the report and drop it.
Double-click the object to add it to the report.
Right-click the object and select Add to Grid, then move it to the desired location.
If DHTML is disabled, select the object and click the Add > button. The object is added to the report.
6 To navigate the project’s system hierarchy and add attributes from hierarchies to a report, use the Data Explorer in the All Objects panel. (How?)

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