Analyzing data in a Data Cloud widget

A Data Cloud widget displays attribute elements in various sizes to depict the differences in metric values among the elements. This type of widget is similar to a Heat Map widget because they both allow you to quickly identify the most significant positive or negative contributions.

A Data Cloud widget is basically a list of attribute elements. The font size of each attribute element corresponds to the value of a metric; a bigger font for an element indicates a larger metric value.

In the example below, the sizes of the Subcategory attribute elements in the data cloud are determined by the Revenue metric. The amount of revenue generated by each type of book determines the attribute elements' sizes. You can hover over each attribute element (in the example, a subcategory) to view its metric values. In this case, the Profit metric is displayed in the resulting tooltip for informational purposes, although the Profit metric does not affect the element’s font size.

Example of a Data Cloud widget

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