Copying an object

As part of organizing your folders and other objects in a project, you can copy reports, documents, filters, prompts, folders, and other objects.

For steps to create a shortcut reference to an object rather than creating an actual copy, see Creating a shortcut to an object.


DHTML must be enabled. See Enabling DHTML in MicroStrategy Web.

To copy an object

1 Browse to the folder that contains the object that you want to copy.
2 Right-click the object to copy and select Copy. The Copy dialog box opens.
3 Browse to the folder in which you want to save the object. You can create a new folder to save the object in, as described below:
a Click the Create New Folder icon Create New Folder icon. The Create Folder dialog box is displayed.
b In the Folder field, enter a name for the folder. You cannot create a folder with the same name as an existing folder.
c In the Description field, enter a description for your folder.
d Click Create Folder. The folder is automatically created and displayed.
4 In the Name and Description fields, type a name and description for the object.
5 If you are saving a copy of the object and translations are available for the object's name in languages other than the one in which you are working, you can choose to keep or discard the translations. By default, translations for the other languages are discarded, and the name that you provided in the Name field above is used to identify the copy for all users until new name translations can be provided for the other languages. This ensures that the names used to identify the original and the copy are different, regardless of the language in which they are displayed.  

If you choose to keep the translated names, the translations for the original object will be duplicated and saved with your copy. As a result, both the original object and the new copy will be displayed with identical names when viewed by users working in one of the other languages. Do one of the following:

To keep the translations, select the Copy names from all other languages check box.
To discard the translations, clear the Copy names from all other languages check box.
6 Click OK. The object is copied to the folder.

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