Create Multiform Attribute dialog box

When you import data, each column in a table will be imported as a separate attribute. If your data contains different attribute forms of the same attribute saved in separate columns, you can create a multiform attribute to combine the forms into a single attribute.

For example, the LU_CALL_CENTER TABLE contains two columns, Call Ctr ID and Call Center Name, which will be imported as two attributes. You can create a single Call Center attribute that uses the columns as attribute forms.

Steps are below to create a new multiform attribute during data import.


You have already begun importing data. The Preview page is displayed after you select a data source to import from, select the data to import, and click Prepare Data. For a list of the data sources that you can import from, and links to steps to import data, see About importing data into MicroStrategy Web.
 You cannot create multiform attributes on data imported from a search.

To create a multiform attribute

1 On the Preview page, select the columns to use as attribute forms by holding the Shift key while selecting them.
2 Right-click the selected columns and select Create Multiform Attribute. The Create Multiform Attribute dialog box opens.
3 Type the name to use for the new attribute in the New Attribute Name field.
4 For each attribute form, select the correct Form Category, such as ID or Description, from the drop-down list.
5 For each attribute form, determine whether or not the form is displayed, as described below:
To display the attribute form, select the Display Form check box.
To hide the attribute form, clear the Display Form check box.
6 Click Submit to create the new multiform attribute and return to the Preview page. The multiform attribute replaces the columns that were used to create it.

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