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Creating a shortcut to an object

You can create shortcuts to reports, documents, folders, prompts, filters, metrics, custom groups, and so on. Shortcuts are helpful when you want quick access to an object that is stored in a different location, but you do not want to create multiple copies of the object.

For example, if you have a folder in which you commonly create reports, and you frequently add one attribute to most reports, you can create a shortcut to that attribute, placing the shortcut within your reports folder. This makes it easy to locate the frequently used attribute where you most commonly use it.

The icon that represents a shortcut to an object looks similar to the following image, which shows a shortcut to a graph report Graph Report icon. The small arrow in the corner of the graph report icon indicates this is a shortcut to the original graph report object.

Creating a shortcut to an object is different from copying an object. A shortcut is only a reference to an object, not a separate copy of it.


DHTML must be enabled. See Enabling DHTML in MicroStrategy Web.
Because a new shortcut object must be based on an existing object, other objects must already exist in your project. If your project does not yet contain objects, your report designer or object designer can create the objects you need to place on reports.

To create a shortcut to an object

1 Navigate to the folder that contains the object for which you want to create a shortcut.
2 Right-click the object and select Create Shortcut. The Create Shortcut dialog box opens.
3 Navigate to the folder in which to create the new shortcut and click OK. The shortcut is created in the specified folder.
4 By default, the name of the shortcut is the same as the name of the object. To rename the shortcut, right-click the object and select Rename. Type a new name for the object and click the Apply icon Apply icon. The name of the shortcut is updated.

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