Data Storage page

Use the Data Storage page to view the following information about Intelligent Cubes:

Name: The name of the Intelligent Cube.
Size (KB): The size of the Intelligent Cube, in kilobytes.
Owner: The user who published the Intelligent Cube.
Last Modified: The time when the Intelligent Cube was last modified.
Schedule Status: The current status of the Intelligent Cube.

You can also publish, edit, schedule, share, and delete a specific Intelligent Cube, as described in the steps below.

The Data Storage page provides a subset of the information and actions available in the Intelligent Cube Monitor. You can manage Intelligent Cubes using the Intelligent Cube Monitor, which provides usage statistics and other information about Intelligent Cubes. For more information on the Intelligent Cube Monitor, as well as steps you can take to improve performance, see the Managing Intelligent Cubes chapter of the System Administration Guide. For general information about Intelligent Cubes, see the In-memory Analytics Guide.  

To monitor and modify Intelligent Cube status

1 On the Select a Data Source page, the amount of memory used is displayed as a link at the bottom of the page, as shown in the image below. To view more details about the Intelligent Cubes, such as name and memory, and manage the Intelligent Cubes, click the link. The Data Storage page opens.

Example of the link to the Data Source page

2 Hover your cursor over the Intelligent Cube to modify, click the arrow, and select one of the following:
To publish the Intelligent Cube, click Publish. Publishing an Intelligent Cube automatically loaded into Intelligence Server memory. Intelligent Cubes must be loaded in Intelligence Server memory to allow access to the data in the Intelligent Cube.
To republish the Intelligent Cube, click Republish. Re-executes and republishes the Intelligent Cube. When the data for an Intelligent Cube is modified and saved, the Republish action updates the Intelligent Cube with the latest data.
To select options to modify the Intelligent Cube, such as designating columns of data as attributes or metrics, click Edit. The Preview page is displayed. For steps to specify data import options, see Previewing your data and specifying data import options.
To schedule the Intelligent Cube, click Schedule. For steps, see Scheduling updates for an Intelligent Cube created using imported data.  
To share the Intelligent Cube, click Share. You can select the permissions for different users and groups that you share the Intelligent Cube with. For descriptions of the permissions, see Share dialog box.
To delete the Intelligent Cube, click Delete. Removes a published Intelligent Cube as an accessible set of data.
~ This action does not delete the Intelligent Cube object saved in a MicroStrategy project. To delete an Intelligent Cube object, you must log into the project containing the Intelligent Cube and delete it there. For information on whether you should deactivate or unpublish an Intelligent Cube, see the Managing Intelligent Cubes chapter of the System Administration Guide.
3 Click the X to close the Data Storage page and return to the Select a Data Source page.

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