Wrangle Your Data page

The Wrangle Your Data page allows you to explore your data to evaluate its quality and usability. You can then prepare your data to improve its quality before you import it into MicroStrategy Web. For example, you can remove white space, filter your data, delete duplicate rows or cells, find and replace data, concatenate columns, and so on.

You work with sample data (a subset of your actual data) to build a script that will clean and prepare your data, also known as data wrangling. The completed script is applied to your data when you publish the cube.

The Wrangle Your Data page is displayed after you import data from the following data sources:

Files imported from your computer or network, or uploaded from a URL
Custom data typed or pasted data directly into MicroStrategy Web
Google Analytics
Google Drive
Hadoop file browser
Sample files

The Wrangle Your Data page contains the following areas:

Functions: Allows you to select a function to apply to the selected data.
For a function that needs no further input, like facet, the function is automatically applied to your data.
If the function needs parameters, define the parameters, then click Apply to apply the function to your data.
Suggestions: Displays a list of suggested functions to apply to the selected data column. The suggestions are based on the sample data that you select.
History Script: Lists your functions. Allows you to redo and undo applying functions. The history script is saved with the dataset and therefore in the dashboard. You can also export the script, to save the functions in order. You can then import the saved script to apply to another set of data. Steps for both are included in Refining your data quality before importing.
Data Preview: Displays a sample of the whole dataset.
Select a data column or part of a cell to apply a function to.
After you apply a function, the sample data is updated to preview the effect of the function.
Facet: Displayed when a facet (filter) function is selected. Allows you to filter your data in a variety of ways, so that you can focus on a smaller amount of data as you refine the data. Rows are not deleted when you use a facet function.

When you have completed refining and cleaning your data, click OK to apply the script to your actual data.

For detailed steps to refine your data, and a full list of functions, see Refining your data quality before importing.

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