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Managing subscriptions

Once you subscribe to a report or document, you can edit the settings for the subscription on the My Subscriptions page. For example, you can change the subscription's schedule, expiration date, or the file format in which it is delivered. If you create a subscription with multiple recipients, you can specify different subscription settings for each recipient and allow recipients to manage their own subscriptions.

If you have administrative privileges, you can manage subscriptions using a Command Manager script. Command Manager is a MicroStrategy tool designed to automate certain tasks and processes. For more information about Command Manager, including instructions, see the Command Manager chapter of the System Administration Guide.

Settings for an individual recipient overwrite settings at the subscription level. For example, if you create a subscription to send multiple recipients a report via email, you can specify that one member of the subscription receive the information as a link to the History List. The report is delivered as a link to the specified subscription member and sent as an email for all other recipients.

You can determine whether or not recipients are allowed to change their own subscription settings. For example, you can allow subscription members to unsubscribe from a report. A subscription member removes himself from the subscription, while all the other recipients continue to receive the report.

You can specify the following options:

Allow recipients to change delivery settings: Allow the subscription member to change subscription delivery settings, such as the expiration date of the subscription.
Allow recipients to change personalization: Allow the subscription member to view and change personalization settings, such as prompt answers for the report or document.
Allow recipients to unsubscribe: Allow the subscription member to unsubscribe from the report or document.

The following steps describe how to edit a subscription's settings. For detailed information on each subscription setting, including options to allow subscription members to edit their own subscriptions, see the topic for the subscription type that you want to edit, listed in the procedure below.

To edit a subscription in MicroStrategy Web

1 At the top of any page, click the MicroStrategy icon Projects icon and select My Subscriptions. The My Subscriptions page opens and displays a list of your subscriptions.
2 If a subscription has multiple recipients, you can edit the subscription settings for each recipient individually. To do so, expand Multiple under the Recipient column. Each subscription member is displayed as a row in the list.
3 To unsubscribe a report or document, select the check box in the Unsubscribe column and then click Unsubscribe.
4 To edit settings for a subscription, click the Edit icon Edit icon for the subscription. The Subscription page for that subscription opens.
5 From the My Subscriptions page, select the options that you want to specify. Different options are available based on the type of the subscription. The following topics list the options that can be specified for each subscription type:
Scheduling a report or document to be sent to your History List folder
Scheduling a report or document to be sent to a mobile device
Scheduling a report or document to be emailed
Scheduling a report or document to be sent to a printer
Scheduling a report or document to be sent to a network folder
Scheduling a report or document to be sent to an FTP server
6 Click OK to save the changes.

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