Parse Your Data page

By default, MicroStrategy Web assumes that your data is stored in a simple tabular layout, with each column in the table containing a separate attribute or metric. You can also import data stored in a cross-tabbed layout, with attributes and metrics stored in both table rows and columns.

On the Parse Your Data page, select one of the following options:

To import data from a simple tabular layout, select Tabular. By default, MicroStrategy Web uses the first row of data as headers for the imported data columns. These column headers are then displayed as the names of the attributes and metrics that you define.
If the data in the imported file does not provide column headers for the data columns, you can specify the column headers manually by doing the following:
a Select the Insert new column headers check box. A default column header is automatically inserted for each data column.
b To specify a name for a column header, hover the cursor over a column, then click the arrow icon in the top right. Select Rename, then type a name for the header in the field and press ENTER.
To import data from a cross-tabbed layout, select Crosstab. A preview of your data is displayed, with cells of data that contain metric data, attribute data, and metric header names each displayed in separate colors. The legend in the top right lists the colors in which each type of data is displayed. Perform the following steps:
a Click and drag the edges of the Metric Data area to highlight each cell that contains metric data.
b Specify which cells contain metric header information by doing one of the following:
If no metric headers are contained in the file, select the No Metric Headers check box.
If metric headers are included in the file, clear the No Metric Headers check box. Click and drag the Metric Header Block area to highlight the cells that contain metric header data.

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