Renaming an object

As part of organizing your folders and other objects, you can rename folders, reports, documents, and other objects. When you rename an object, the object's version ID changes to reflect the new name.

* If you are translating an object's name, this rename feature is not the correct method to use. To provide a translation for an object's name, in MicroStrategy Developer, right-click the object and select Translate. Click Help in the resulting interface for detailed help to translate the object and for links to additional help on setting up internationalization across your MicroStrategy environment. If you use this rename feature to provide a translated object name, you may cause object version ID inconsistencies in the system.


DHTML must be enabled. See Enabling DHTML in MicroStrategy Web.
You can only rename objects for which you have the necessary permissions. You can rename any objects that you created or that you have saved to your My Reports folder.

To rename an object

1 Navigate to the folder or other object you want to rename.
2 Right-click the object and select Rename. A field with the object's name is displayed.
3 Type a new name for the object and click the check mark. The name of the object is updated.

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