Running and viewing a dashboard

You can click on the name of a dashboard to run it. By default, dashboards are displayed as fully interactive dashboards in Visual Insight Mode, allowing you to sort and rearrange data in an interactive grid, perform manipulations on the data to display only the information you are interested in, display visual representations of the data in the dashboard to make the data easier to interpret, and so on. You can also maximize the amount of space available for data display by viewing dashboards in Presentation Mode, or view dashboards on an iPad with MicroStrategy Mobile.

Example of a dashboard


You must have Web Analyst privileges.
To open a dashboard in Visual Insight Mode, you must have the Web Edit Dashboard and Web Run Dashboard privileges.

To run and view a dashboard

1 In MicroStrategy Web, navigate to the folder in which the dashboard is located.
2 Click the name of the dashboard. The dashboard opens.
* If one or more of the data sources for the dashboard is an Intelligent Cube, and if the Intelligent Cube is not available in Intelligence Server's memory, an error message may be displayed. To publish the Intelligent Cube, in the error message, click Republish. The Republish Dataset page opens, described in Republishing datasets for dashboards.
3 If the Getting Started page is displayed, click Get Started to open the dashboard. The Getting Started page contains dashboard sample and tutorial videos.
 If a message displays about accessing Getting Started and Quick Tips, click OK to close the message.
To skip the Getting Started page the next time that you open a dashboard, on the Getting Started page, select the Don’t Show This Again check box.
To display the Getting Started page once you are in Visual Insight, from the Help menu, select Getting Started.
4 If tips are displayed to guide you through the process of creating a dashboard, click Hide Quick Tips and begin creating your dashboard.
To display the tips again, from the Help menu, select Quick Tips.
5 If your dashboard contains multiple sheets, you can click the name of a tab to switch between sheets of data in the visualization, similar to viewing different worksheets in an Excel file. Click the name of a tab at the bottom (or in the top right, depending on how your dashboard was designed) to view it.
6 If the designer has added multiple pages of content to a sheet, you can also switch between pages. Click the dots at the bottom (or the top right, depending on how your dashboard was designed) to select and display different pages.

For steps to filter, group, save, export, and analyze data in a dashboard, see the related links below.

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