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Information needed for Technical Support

To log a case, the Support Liaisons can contact MicroStrategy Technical Support via any of the methods in Technical Support. Upon logging a Case, the Support Liaison will receive a case identification number for future reference.

When logging a case, be prepared to provide the following information.  

Customer Site (if different from own company)  
Phone and fax numbers  
Email address  
MicroStrategy software product(s) being used, including version number(s)
Error message(s)  
Brief description of the case  
Priority of the case  
Steps taken to troubleshoot the case thus far

If the Support Liaison is unable to reach MicroStrategy Technical Support by phone, the Support Liaison can leave a voice mail message or contact Technical Support via email. The Support Liaison should include the following information in his/her message:  

Brief description of case  
Preferred contact method and contact information

To help your Technical Support representative work with you to resolve the issue promptly and efficiently, be prepared to provide the following information about your issue:

Issue number: Please keep a record of the number assigned to each issue logged with Technical Support and always provide it when inquiring about an existing issue.
MicroStrategy software product(s) you are using, including software version and product registration numbers; you can view the version information in the release notes or the MicroStrategy Readme provided with the software.
Issue description
What causes the condition to occur?
Does the condition occur sporadically or each time a certain action is performed?
Does the condition occur on all PCs or just one?
When did the condition first occur?
Did another event take place immediately prior to the first occurrence of the condition (e.g., major database load, movement of the database, software upgrade)?
What was the exact wording of the complete error message (if any)?
What steps have you taken to isolate and/or resolve the issue? What were the results?
System configuration: The information needed depends on the nature of the issue; at minimum, be prepared to provide the information listed below for the client, MicroStrategy Intelligence Server, and MicroStrategy Web machines.
Computer hardware (such as processor speed, RAM, disk space)
Network protocol (such as TCP/IP)
ODBC driver (manufacturer and version)
Database gateway software version
Browser manufacturer and version (MicroStrategy Web client only)
Web server manufacturer and version (MicroStrategy Web server only)
Priority of the issue

If the issue requires additional investigation or testing, you and the Technical Support representative will agree on certain action items to be performed. You should perform any agreed-upon actions before contacting Technical Support again regarding this issue. If the Technical Support representative is responsible for an action item, you can call Technical Support at any time to inquire about the status of the issue.