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Viewing details about reports, documents, and other objects

Objects include dashboards, documents, reports, folders, metrics, prompts, and more. The following information is displayed under or beside every object in your project's folders:

Name: Name of the object.
Owner: The name of the user who created the object or another user who currently owns the object. For reports and documents, the owner is also listed on the Details page. The owner usually defines the permissions for how the object can be used and by whom.
Modified: The date and time the object was last modified.
Description: A description of the object, if the owner of the object provided one.
Actions:The icons of the actions that can be performed on the objects. Metrics, prompts,  and filters can only be edited. You can click the icon and choose to edit, subscribe, send, export or view the selected report or document.

You can view additional object properties, such as a URL showing the object's location, using the following steps.


DHTML must be enabled. See Enabling DHTML in MicroStrategy Web.

To view object properties

1 Right-click the object whose properties you want to view, and select Properties. The Properties dialog box is displayed.
2 You can view:
The object's name, type, location, and description
The object's unique ID
The date that the object was created
The object's owner
The date that the object was last modified
A URL which defines the object's location in MicroStrategy Web. Report and document URLs can be included in Report Services documents to link to specific reports and documents.