About dashboards

A dashboard is an interactive display that you can use to quickly and easily explore your business data. For example, you can:

View visual representations of the data (called visualizations) in the dashboard to make the data easier to interpret
Sort and rearrange data in visualizations
Perform manipulations, such as filtering and drilling, on the data to display only the information you are interested in
Use pre-defined, presentation-quality formatting to quickly display your data in a visually striking way
Share a dashboard through email, by linking to the dashboard, or by embedding the dashboard in a web page

To view dashboards, you must have:

Web Analyst privileges
The Web Edit Dashboard and Web Run Dashboard privileges

In the image below, data in a dashboard is displayed using a Grid visualization, which contains profit data for each Call Center in a Region. Small profit values are displayed in red, mid-range profit values are displayed in orange, and large profit values are displayed in yellow.

Example of a Grid visualization

For steps to run and view a dashboard, filter the data in a dashboard, analyze the data in a visualization, and so on, see the related links below.

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