About datasets in Visual Insight

A dataset is a set of data that can be displayed in a dashboard or document, such as a MicroStrategy report, a MicroStrategy Intelligent Cube, or data imported directly from an external data source. In Visual Insight, datasets provide the data to be displayed in a dashboard, including visualizations, filters, text fields, and so on. A dashboard can include data from the following dataset types:

Stand-alone dataset: A stand-alone dataset can be used as a dataset in other dashboards and documents. When you make and save changes to a stand-alone dataset, these changes are automatically reflected in each dashboard or document that uses the dataset, without the need to modify each dashboard or document separately. Datasets that are created outside of Visual Insight, such as stand-alone reports and data that you have previously imported into Web and saved, are stand-alone datasets. You can also save a stand-alone copy of a dataset while viewing a dashboard. For steps, see Saving a dataset.
Local dataset: A local dataset is saved as part of the dashboard's definition. Changes to a local dataset affect only the dashboard that the dataset has been added to. To save changes to a local dataset, you save its dashboard. This automatically saves changes to any local datasets in the dashboard. If you do not save the dashboard before navigating away from or closing the dashboard, changes to any local datasets in the dashboard are discarded. Local datasets are automatically deleted from the dashboard if they are no longer being used. Datasets that you have created within Visual Insight, such as data imported into a dashboard while viewing the dashboard and dataset reports created in a dashboard, are local datasets.

For steps to perform common tasks involving datasets, such as adding, saving, and renaming datasets in a dashboard, see the appropriate link below:

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