Conditional Formatting Editor

You can apply formatting to a control in your document (text fields, images, sections, and so on) based on the value of a metric. For example, you can display a document section with a red background if the costs for a store are over $40,000. You can apply formatting to controls in a document by creating conditional formats using the Conditional Formatting Editor. For an introduction to conditional formatting in documents, as well as a full list of the controls you can format, see the Formatting Documents chapter in the Document Creation Guide.

The toolbar

The toolbar at the top of the Conditional Formatting Editor contains the following options:

New: Add New Threshold icon Create a new conditional format. The new conditional format is added to the list below the toolbar.
Copy Copy icon: Copy the selected conditional format.
Paste Paste icon: Paste a copied conditional format to the bottom of the list displayed below the toolbar. You can then edit the conditional format to suit your needs.
Delete Threshold Delete Threshold icon: Delete the selected conditional format.
Delete All Thresholds Delete All Thresholds icon: Delete all the conditional formats in the Conditional Formatting Editor.
Move Up Move Up icon and Move Down Move Down icon: Re-order the conditional formats in the list below the toolbar.
Add Condition Add Condition icon: Add another qualification to the selected conditional format.
Clear Conditions Clear Conditions icon: Remove all qualifications from the selected conditional format.
Cell Formatting Cell Formatting icon: Specify the formatting to apply to the document control for which you want to define the conditional format, by doing one of the following:
To format the text in a text field by adjusting the font, color, alignment, and other options, make the appropriate selections within the Font, Number, Alignment, and Color and Lines tabs in the Format Threshold dialog box.
To format a line, shape, or other type of document control, make the appropriate selections using the Fill, Border, and Line and Shape options in the Format dialog box.

List of conditional formats

The middle area of the Conditional Formatting Editor lists all the conditional formats you have defined. Each conditional format is displayed in a box that contains:

A link that displays a description of the conditional format. You can click the link to edit the conditional format's qualification.
A preview pane to the right of the conditional format. This pane displays an example of the formatting that will be applied to the control if the data meets the qualification of the conditional format.

In addition, the following option is available:

Allow user to toggle conditional formatting on and off: Determine whether to allow users to toggle conditional formatting on and off using the Toggle Conditional Formatting icon Toggle Conditional Formatting icon in the document toolbar.

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