Data Imported page

Once you have imported your business data into MicroStrategy, you can immediately create a dashboard, report, or document based on your data using the Data Imported page.

The following options are available:

Create Dashboard: Select this option to create a dashboard using your imported data. In a dashboard, simple visualizations and pre-defined, presentation-quality formatting allow you to quickly display your data in a visually-striking, interactive dashboard. For steps to create a dashboard, see Creating a dashboard.
Create Report: Select this option to create a report using your imported data. Reports are the central focus of any decision support investigation. A report allows users to query for data, analyze that data, and then present it in a visually pleasing manner. For general steps to create a report, see Creating a report.
Create Document: Select this option to create a document using your imported data. A broad selection of widgets and a wide variety of formatting options allow you to design a customized, interactive document. Documents provide the freedom to design pixel-by-pixel in multiple editing and previewing modes. The abundant design options deliver full control over position, formatting, and interactivity. For general steps to create a document, see the Designing and Creating Documents chapter of the Document Creation Guide.

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