Insert Function dialog box

You can add a derived metric that is based on a function directly to a document using the Insert Function dialog box. For example, you can create a derived metric on-the-fly to calculate the absolute value of another metric. When the document is run, the value of the metric is automatically calculated and displayed. For descriptions of the functions available, see the Functions Reference.

To add a derived metric directly to a document

1 Open the document in Design Mode.
2 From the Insert menu, select Text. The cursor becomes crosshairs. Move the cursor over the area in which you want to display the derived metric, then click and drag the cursor to draw a rectangular shape. A text field is displayed. Click an empty area of the Layout area to finish adding the text field to the document.
3 Right-click the text field and select Insert Function. The Insert Function dialog box opens, with a list of functions from which you can choose to create the derived metric.
4 You can narrow down the list of functions displayed as choices in the Insert Function dialog box. To do so, from the Select a category dialog box, select the group of functions you want to display, such as Financial Functions or Math Functions.
5 From the Select a function list, select the function you want to use to create the derived metric and click OK. The Function Arguments dialog box is displayed, with a description of the function, a description of the arguments required for the function, and a preview of the function's formula. Select the appropriate options to define each argument required for the function.
6 Select OK to apply your changes. The derived metric is automatically created and displayed as a text placeholder in the text field you created in the steps above.

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