Modifying user preferences

You can customize options for working with reports, documents, grids, graphs, prompts, and more. For example, you can specify the language in which to display pages in MicroStrategy Web, or determine the default home page to display when you first log in to a project. The user preferences in MicroStrategy Web are divided into the following categories:

General preferences
Folder browsing preferences
Grid display preferences
Graph display preferences
Print Reports preferences
Export Reports preferences
Print Reports (PDF) preferences
PDF Reports preferences
Drill mode preferences
Prompts preferences
Report Services preferences
Security preferences
Email, file, and printer preferences for Distribution Services
Dynamic Address Lists preferences
MicroStrategy Office preferences

To specify user preferences in MicroStrategy Web

1 Log in to MicroStrategy Web.
2 On the upper right of any page, click your user name, and then select Preferences from the drop-down list. By default, the General preferences page is displayed.
3 From the left, click the preferences page that contains the user preferences you want to modify. For details on the options available on each page, see the appropriate topic above.