New Condition dialog box

When you are importing data from a database, you can define a condition to select the data that you want to import. To define a condition, type the condition into the Expression pane in the middle of the New Condition dialog box.

The following options are available:

Insert: Click this icon to select a MicroStrategy function to insert into the condition. You can select a function or choose Search Function to search for or browse to your function using the Select a Function dialog box.
Syntax validation: Click this icon to check your condition for valid syntax. If the condition is valid, a message appears in the bottom of the Expression pane to inform you that your syntax is valid. If the condition is not valid, the message explains the syntax problem.
Clear: Click this icon to clear the contents of the Expression pane.


You are importing data from a database and have added at least one database table to the editor pane.

To select data to import based on a condition

1 From the toolbar, click the Filters icon Filters icon. The Filters dialog box opens.
2 Click Add Condition. The New Condition dialog box opens.
3 In the Expression pane, type the condition that you want to define. You can insert functions into the condition by doing the following:
a Click the Insert icon. A pop-up menu is displayed. Do one of the following:
To select a function, choose the name of the function from the list.
To search or browse for a function, select Search Function. The Select a Function dialog box opens.  
b Click the name of the function in the Select a Function pane and click OK to select it. The Function Arguments dialog box opens.
c Select the appropriate options to provide arguments for the function and click OK. Your function is displayed in the Expression pane.
4 Repeat the steps above as appropriate to define your condition.
5 When you are finished editing your condition, click Save to apply your changes and create the condition.

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