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When you import data into MicroStrategy Web, you can preview your data. You can select options to modify your data before it is imported, or make changes to your data after it has been imported. For example, MicroStrategy automatically designates data columns in your file as attributes or metrics based on the values contained in each data column, with attributes displayed in blue and metrics displayed in orange. You can manually designate each data column as either an attribute or a metric before the data is published as an Intelligent Cube. You can:

Display a preview of the data before it is imported
If you are editing your data, such as adding or removing tables to your dataset, display a preview of the changes you make
Select the worksheet of data to import, if you are importing the data from an Excel workbook with more than one worksheet
Remove a table from the import process
Designate a data column of data as an attribute or a metric
Assign a geo role to a data column, to generate additional geographical data and to allow for easier integration with map-based visualizations
Group or display imported data based on an existing project attribute by linking a data column to the project attribute
Use data columns as attribute forms to define a new, multiform attribute, if your data contains different attribute forms of the same attribute saved in separate data columns
Improve performance by partitioning a very large dataset and creating search indexes for attributes. For reasons to use partitioning and search indexes, as well as steps to create them, see Improving performance: Partitioning large datasets and creating a search index.

For steps to perform these tasks, see Previewing your data and specifying data import options. For background information about importing data, including steps, see About importing data into MicroStrategy Web.


You must have Adobe Flash Player to import data from a file or report. For specific version requirements, see the MicroStrategy Readme.
You must have the Web Import Data and Web Import Database privileges.
Read Best practices: Importing data into MicroStrategy Web.

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