Recipients Browser dialog box

You can choose recipients to send a report or document to using the Recipients Browser dialog box.

A list of names, groups, and dynamic address lists is displayed in the Available list. Select the recipient to send the report or document to and click the Add to Selections arrow Add to Selections icon to add the recipient to the To list. You can remove a recipient from the To list by clicking the Remove from Selections arrow Remove From Selections icon.

For reports and documents sent to an email address, you can add recipients to the Cc and Bcc fields by clicking the Add to Selections arrows Add to Selections icon next to the Cc and Bcc lists.

To add a new recipient not contained in the Available list, type a name for the recipient in the Address Name field, then type the location to send the report or document to in the Physical Address field. From the Device drop-down list, select the type of address you want to send the report or document to and click Add to Recipients. The new recipient is automatically added to the To list. For example, for email subscriptions, you can specify John Doe as the Address Name, type for the Physical Address, and select Generic Email to create and add a recipient named John Doe to the list of recipients. Reports and documents sent to this recipient will be sent to

Click OK to save your changes.

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