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Secondary Data Sources dialog box

You can provide additional data for a custom widget in a document, by selecting Grid/Graphs in the Secondary Data Sources dialog box.

Custom widgets can be created using the MicroStrategy SDK. Certain custom widgets are also included out of the box with the MicroStrategy SDK. For more information about custom widgets and their use, see the MicroStrategy SDK documentation.

To add data in a Grid/Graph to a custom widget

1 Open the document in Design Mode or Editable Mode.
2 Select the grid or graph report containing the custom widget.
3 From the Tools menu, select Report Custom Visualizations. The Custom Visualizations Editor opens.
4 Click Secondary Data Sources. The Secondary Data Sources dialog box opens.
5 From the Available list, select the dataset report to use to provide data. You can hold CTRL and click to select multiple datasets.
6 Click the right arrow to move the datasets into the Selected list.
7 Sort the datasets by selecting one, and clicking the up or down arrows to change their order.
8 Click OK to return to the Custom Visualizations Editor.
9 ClickOK to save changes and return to the document.

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