Overview of the R Integration Pack

The MicroStrategy R Integration Pack lets you easily integrate statistical computing and graphics environments into MicroStrategy by deploying R analytics as standard MicroStrategy metrics that implement R scripts. R is an open-source, industry-leading language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. A MicroStrategy metric is a calculation that represents a business measure or key performance indicator, in this case, the R analysis. Metrics can be used directly on MicroStrategy reports, documents, and dashboards.

For example, you can project a seasonal forecast of revenue, as shown in the following dashboard. The R analytics have been deployed as the metrics Seasonal Forecast and Seasonal Forecast (No Outliers).

Because the R Integration Pack deploys R analytics as MicroStrategy metrics, deployment and management is easy. Additionally, the R Integration Pack includes a set of common R script functions, pre-compiled and ready to integrate into any MicroStrategy project.

Depending on your role, you perform one or more the following tasks to integrate or use your MicroStrategy software with R:

If you are a system administrator, install the R Integration Pack for R developers and MicroStrategy users.

For detailed information on preparing your environments, and steps to install the R Integration Pack, see Installing and Configuring the R Integration Pack.

If you are a MicroStrategy analyst, use R analytics to analyze data. With the R Integration Pack installed and R analytics integrated with MicroStrategy, you can begin to analyze the R analytic statistical information in MicroStrategy by creating a metric. For detailed steps to create a metric that uses your R analytics, see Performing statistical analysis.
If you are an R developer, install the MicroStrategyR package, and develop your R analytics. An R analytic is a statistical analysis function that you write in R. To allow users to perform statistical analysis with an R analytic, you must implement the analytic as an R script, and integrate it with MicroStrategy using the deployR utility.

For detailed steps and best practices to create R analytics for use in MicroStrategy, see Developing R Analytics for MicroStrategy.

The MicroStrategy R Integration Pack returns error and warning messages to help troubleshoot potential issues. Once you receive an error message you can search for it within Troubleshooting, which provides a potential cause and resolution to the problem.