About Dossiers

A dossier is an interactive display that you can use to quickly and easily explore your business data. For example, you can:

  • View visual representations of the data (called visualizations) in the dossier to make the data easier to interpret
  • Sort and rearrange data in visualizations
  • Perform manipulations, such as filtering and drilling, on the data to display only the information you are interested in
  • Use pre-defined, presentation-quality formatting to quickly display your data in a visually striking way
  • Share a dossier through email, by linking to the dossier, or by embedding the dossier in a web page

To view dossiers, you must have:

  • Web Analyst privileges
  • The Web Edit Dashboard and Web Run Dashboard privileges

In the image below, data in a dossier is displayed using a Grid visualization, which contains profit data for each Call Center in a Region. Small profit values are displayed in red, mid-range profit values are displayed in orange, and large profit values are displayed in yellow.

Example of a Grid visualization

For steps to run and view a dossier, filter the data in a dossier, analyze the data in a visualization, and so on, see the related links below.

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