HR Director Dashboard

This interactive dashboard provides the Human Resources director with an overview of trends in employee movement, broken down by organizational division (such as by Sales, Marketing, and Corporate) and by geographical region. You can look at employee transfers and other employee movement within the organization. At the same time you can view employee satisfaction survey results for various workplace measures.

This dashboard showcases several MicroStrategy widgets, including the Microcharts widget, which combines a grid of data with chart visualization.

Dashboard layout and display

The datasets within this dashboard include:

Division Breakdown
KPIs (key performance indicators)
Region Breakdown
Region From-To Transfers
Survey Results
Trends by Division

Usage scenarios

Use this interactive dashboard to track the status of your department’s progress toward targets and key performance indicators such as headcounts, average salary numbers, number of vacant positions, and number of new employees. The colored grid highlights transfers from one region to another, and shows the numbers of employees involved in transfers from those regions. Finally, use the survey results to keep track of employee satisfaction about such workplace measures as atmosphere, quality and quantity of work, and compensation and benefits.