HR Performance Management Dashboard

This dashboard presents a graphical display of human resources performance measurements for employee recruitment, hiring, and distribution, compensation and benefits, productivity and development, attrition and retention, and resource optimization.

Dashboard layout and display

The datasets within this dashboard include:

401K Plan Participation Rate
Attrition Rate
Compensation: Actual as % Planned
Internal Transfer as % All Positions Filled
Involuntary Departures: Minority Group to All Involuntary Departures (normalized)
New Employees as % Total
New Hires: Minority Group to All New Hires (normalized)
Overtime per Employee (hours)
Training Rate
Turnover Rate
Turnover Rate (Including Transfers)
Vacant Position as % Total

Usage scenarios

This dashboard provides insight into human resources department performance against targets for recruitment, hiring, compensation, benefits, productivity, and development. It can also be helpful for optimizing resources and ensuring fair labor practices.

Dashboard details

This document includes a static filter on the last quarter of data in the sample data warehouse.