Accessing the Warehouse Catalog

To access the Warehouse Catalog

1 On the Windows Start menu, point to Programs, then to MicroStrategy Products, and then select Developer.
2 Log in to the project source that contains your project in MicroStrategy Developer, and expand the project source to select your project.

You must use a login that has Architect privileges. For more information about privileges see the List of Privileges chapter of the Supplemental Admin Guide.

3 If you are using read only mode for the project, from the Schema menu, clear the Read Only Mode option to switch to edit mode.

Only one user can be editing a project at a given time. Therefore, if someone else is modifying the project, you cannot use the Warehouse Catalog. For more information on read only mode and edit mode, see Using read only or edit mode for schema editors.

4 From the Schema menu, select Warehouse Catalog. The Warehouse Catalog opens after it retrieves the table information from the warehouse database.