Creating Hierarchies to Organize and Browse Attributes » Configuring hierarchy display options

Configuring hierarchy display options

Each attribute in a user hierarchy has properties that affect how that attribute is displayed and accessed in a hierarchy. You can use the Hierarchy Editor to configure each of these properties, as shown in the following procedures:

Element Display: Determines the elements a user can see. The element display may be locked, unlocked, or limited (see Controlling the display of attribute elements).
Attribute Filters: Specifies whether the data retrieved and displayed should be complete or filtered by any specific criteria. A filter on a hierarchy acts like a filter in a report. Only data satisfying the filter criteria is displayed (see Filtering attributes in a hierarchy).
Entry Point/Not an Entry Point: Specifies whether the user can begin browsing in this hierarchy using this attribute (see Entry point).
Browse Attributes: Shows the attributes to which users can browse from a given attribute. Represented by lines that connect one attribute to others (see Hierarchy browsing).

The following sections explain these properties and how to use the Hierarchy Editor to configure each.