Creating and Configuring a Project » Creating a production project

Creating a production project

You can now begin building the MicroStrategy project that connects to the metadata repository and data source. Project creation involves creating a basic project definition and creating your project’s first schema objects.

This section guides you through the creation of a production-ready MicroStrategy project with the Project Creation Assistant or Architect.

It is assumed you intend to implement Intelligence Server in your business intelligence environment as the means of connecting to your project as opposed to using a direct, (two-tier) setup. To create a direct connection, see the Installation and Configuration Guide.

Creating a project using the Project Creation Assistant or Architect in MicroStrategy Developer provides advanced functionality and a greater complexity to your project that can support a production environment. It allows you to create a new project and add the following objects to it or to an existing project:


With the Project Creation Assistant or Architect, you create and configure a project and some of the essential schema objects that reside within it. The intended audience for these tools includes experienced project creators who have planned all their facts, attributes, and data relationships. This information is covered elsewhere in this guide. For a listing of information covered in specific chapters, see Planning your project below.

One of the many benefits of the Project Creation Assistant and Architect is their ability to create multiple schema objects at one time. Since you can efficiently add multiple tables and develop numerous attributes and facts, it is especially useful for large projects which contain many tables and schema objects. With the Project Creation Assistant or Architect, you can also create attributes with many-to-many relationships.