Creating attributes

An attribute is primarily used to group and aggregate fact data to add business context to the fact data. The ability to report on and analyze data requires data to have a business context; therefore, creating attributes is a major step in any project design effort.

This section provides steps to create attributes at different phases of the project design process, using different techniques and MicroStrategy interfaces:

Simultaneously creating multiple attributes: Provides steps to create multiple attributes as part of the initial project design effort or later in a project’s life cycle with the Attribute Creation Wizard.
Adding and modifying attributes: Provides steps to add and modify attributes for an existing project. This includes adding advanced features such as attribute forms to attributes that already exist or adding new attributes as your project evolves.

You can also create and modify attributes at any phase of the project design process using Architect. For information on creating and modifying attributes using Architect, see Adding and modifying attributes.