Creating and Configuring a Project » Creating the metadata repository

Creating the metadata repository

Your first step in project creation is to create a metadata repository. This repository stores all the objects necessary to support your project.

You can create an empty metadata repository in the database location of your choice using the Metadata Tables option in the Configuration Wizard.

Before proceeding to the next section, make sure your metadata repository exists in a non-Microsoft Access database. An Access database is unsuitable for a production project.

Create a metadata repository using the guidelines outlined in the Configuring and Connecting Intelligence Server chapter of the Installation and Configuration Guide.

When you create the metadata repository, MicroStrategy creates a default configuration in the repository. The default configuration populates the tables with the basic data required for the metadata, such as the default project folder structure and basic connection information.

These tables are populated with your project information during the project creation step in the Project Creation Assistant, outlined in Creating a production project.

For instructions on creating a metadata repository in a database, see the Installation and Configuration Guide.