Customers hierarchy

The Customers hierarchy contains customer demographic and purchase information, such as Customer Age, Income Bracket, Payment Method, and Ship Date.

The Customers hierarchy contains the following attributes.




Age Range

The segregation of customers between a certain age group.

24 and under, 28 and above.


The name of the individual customer.

Selene Allen, Chad Laurie.

Customer Address

The postal address of the customer.

1717 Mcknight Ln, 1734 Benson St.

Customer Age

The age of a particular customer at a current point in time.

26, 38, 59.

Customer Birth Date

The date on which the Customer was born.

8/4/50, 4/30/72.

Customer City

The city where the customer resides.

Albany, Chicago, Memphis.

Customer Country

The country where the customer resides.

USA, Spain, France.

Customer Email

The email address of the customer.

hhull17@hotmail.demo, mbadour92@hotmail.demo.

Customer Gender

The gender of the customer.

Male, Female.

Customer Region

The region where the customer resides.

Northeast, South, France.

Customer State

The state where the customer resides.

Maine, North Dakota.

Days to Ship

The number of days remaining for the order to be shipped from the Distribution Center.

1, 5, 6.

Education Level

The highest level of education of the customer.

High School, Undergraduate, Graduate.

First Order Date

The date of the first order placed by the customer.


Household Count

The number of houses owned by the customer.

2, 4, over 6.

Housing Type

The type of housing owned by the customer.

Renter, Owner, Dependent.

Income Bracket

The salary range reported by the customer.

$31,000 - 40,000, $61,000 - 70,000.

Last Order Date

The date of the last order placed by the customer.


Marital Status

The marital status of the customer.

Married, Single.


The tracking number associated with a particular group of items purchased.

167, 2635.

Payment Method

The way a customer pays for an order.

Amex, Check.

Phone Plan

The type of phone plan purchased by the customer.

Student, Single, Double, Family Small.

Phone Usage

The current phone usage of the customer that includes the time, date, and billing details of the call.

Active Months: 24, Average Minutes Off-peak: 412.60294, Average Minutes On-peak: 91.54584, Expire Date: 12/14/2009 12:00:00 am.


Date range for a particular discount period under which an item is purchased (Sales Date).

9/1/06 - 9/4/06, 2/16/07 - 2/19/07.

Promotion Type

Type of discount period offered (Sale type).

Holiday Sale, Back-to-School Sale.

Rush Order

Indicates whether a customer chose to expedite delivery of an order.

1 (rush order), 0 (not a rush order).

Ship Date

The date on which an order is shipped from the distribution center.

9/15/06, 3/26/07.


The vendor used to send products to the customer.

Pronto Packages, MailFast.


The current account status of the customer.

New, Active.


A retail store with location information that supports identification through the use of mobile devices.

New Design Export, General Associates Enterprise, Good’s Good Goods

Store City

The city that a store resides in.

Council Bluffs, Elk River, Liverpool

Store Country

The country that a store resides in.

Canada, Germany, USA

Store State

The state that a store resides in.


Store Zipcode

The postal zip code for a store.

00682, 22043

Zip Code

The zip code of the area where the customer resides.

07026, 36303.

The attributes listed in the table above are some of the most commonly used attributes that are included in the logical definition of the Customers hierarchy. Refer to the following image for a complete understanding of the logical relationships of all attributes for the Customers hierarchy.