Creating and Configuring a Project » Deploying your project and creating reports

Deploying your project and creating reports

After you create a project, you can deploy it to your user community using MicroStrategy Web. However, if you completed only the steps in this chapter, the project you deploy will contain only basic facts and attributes. Proceed to the chapters listed above to add analytical depth and more functionality to your project.

Facts and attributes provide the backbone of the reports and documents created by report designers. Facts are used to create metrics, and metrics and attributes are essential components of reports.

Metrics, and other report objects such as filters, custom groups, and prompts, are beyond the scope of this guide. For a complete discussion of metrics, filters, reports, and other report objects, see the Basic Reporting Guideand the Advanced Reporting Guide.

To learn more about how to deploy your project using MicroStrategy Web, see the Installation and Configuration Guide.

You can also begin creating reports in MicroStrategy Developer and MicroStrategy Web. For information about creating reports in MicroStrategy Developer, see the Basic Reporting Guide; for creating reports in MicroStrategy Web, see the MicroStrategy Web Help.

MicroStrategy allows you to connect to your SAP BI, Microsoft Analysis Services, and Hyperion Essbase data sources. For information about connecting to MDX Cube sources, see the MDX Cube Reporting Guide.
For information on how to use your own customized SQL statements to create reports, refer to the Advanced Reporting Guide.