MicroStrategy Integrity Manager

MicroStrategy Integrity Manager is an automated comparison tool designed to streamline the testing of MicroStrategy reports and documents in projects. This tool can determine how specific changes in a project environment, such as the regular maintenance changes to metadata objects or hardware and software upgrades, affect the reports and documents in that project.

For instance, you may want to ensure that the changes involved in moving your project from a development environment into production do not alter any of your reports. Integrity Manager can compare reports in the development and the production projects, and highlight any differences. This can assist you in tracking discrepancies between the two projects.

You can use Integrity Manager to execute reports or documents from a single MicroStrategy project to confirm that they remain operational after changes to the system. Integrity Manager can execute any or all reports from the project, note whether those reports execute, and show you the results of each report.

Integrity Manager can also test the performance of an Intelligence Server by recording how long it takes to execute a given report or document. You can execute the reports or documents multiple times in the same test and record the time for each execution cycle, to get a better idea of the average Intelligence Server performance time.

For reports you can test and compare the SQL, grid data, graph, Excel, or PDF output. For documents you can test and compare the Excel or PDF output, or test whether the documents execute properly. If you choose not to test and compare the Excel or PDF output, no output is generated for the documents. Integrity Manager still reports whether the documents executed successfully and how long it took them to execute.

For steps to configure Integrity Manager and to create and execute an integrity test, see the Verifying Reports and Documents with Integrity Manager chapter of the System Administration Guide.