The best practices listed in this chapter can help you design a financial reporting project in MicroStrategy. To create this type of financial reporting project in MicroStrategy, you should also have knowledge of the following:

Understanding of how to store and maintain data in a database. The best practices provided to support a financial reporting project in MicroStrategy require a specific physical warehouse design.
Expertise in the following MicroStrategy techniques and features:
Project design
Metric and report creation
Knowledge of your financial data, including:
Logical data model for your financial data, such as whether your financial data requires additional context including account, vendor, customer, and time. The best practices provided include a high-level discussion of creating context for your financial data, but it is assumed that you have a defined logical data model for your financial data.
The calculations required to create your financial data. Some examples of financial calculations are provided, but it is assumed that you know the calculations required to return the financial data relevant to your financial reporting requirements.