Project source

The project source is a configuration object which represents a connection to a metadata repository. In MicroStrategy Developer, the project source appears in the Folder List with an icon that varies depending on the type of connection it represents. A connection to a metadata repository is achieved in one of two ways:

Direct or two-tier mode (): Connects to the metadata by specifying a DSN, login, and password to a metadata repository.

It is highly recommended that you never use direct mode connection in a production environment. MicroStrategy strongly suggests you always connect to the metadata through Intelligence Server because of the security and scalability it provides. You should not connect directly to the metadata unless you are implementing a prototype environment.

Server or three-tier mode(): Connects to the metadata by pointing to an Intelligence Server definition, which in turn governs and validates the connection to the metadata. The project metadata is the first tier, MicroStrategy Developer is the second tier, and Intelligence Server is the third tier. Intelligence Server manages all connections to databases, enforces security, and ensures metadata integrity. For these reasons, Intelligence Server is a necessary part of any production project.

A four-tier connection is a Server (three-tier) connection in conjunction with MicroStrategy Web deployed on a web server.

The following diagram illustrates server connectivity between a MicroStrategy metadata repository, Intelligence Server, and MicroStrategy Developer. This is the type of connection used to create a production-ready project in MicroStrategy.

After the connection to the metadata is established, every object definition you create within this project source is stored in this metadata. This includes application objects, schema objects, and configuration objects from any number of projects defined within this project source (see MicroStrategy metadata for definitions of these object types).

A project source connects to a single metadata repository. However, the same metadata repository can be accessed by multiple project sources. A project source may contain any number of projects.