Data Types » Supporting barcode data with VarChar

Supporting barcode data with VarChar

MicroStrategy Mobile for iPhone lets you scan and enter barcode information to determine the inventory of items, as well as other types of analysis.

Barcodes are commonly a combination of numbers and letters. Therefore, barcode data is best represented as a text value rather than a numeric value. This barcode data can be used by MicroStrategy Mobile for iPhone by creating a MicroStrategy prompt. For information on creating prompts to support barcode scanning, see the MicroStrategy Mobile Design and Administration Guide.

To support barcode scanning using MicroStrategy Mobile for iPhone, you must store the barcode data used in the associated prompt with a database data type that supports text data. MicroStrategy recommends using the VarChar data type for your database to store the barcode data. For information on how VarChar data types from databases are mapped to MicroStrategy data types, see Mapping of external data types to MicroStrategy data types.