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Supporting the BLOB format type

Columns in your data source that use BLOB format types can be mapped to attribute forms and facts in MicroStrategy. BLOB format types are represented in MicroStrategy as the LongVarBin data type. This data type is treated as a long string of binary data. This representation in MicroStrategy has the following effects on including data from a BLOB format type on a MicroStrategy report or document:

Since the BLOB format type is represented as a LongVarBin, the data is displayed in either binary or hexadecimal representation. The data is not converted into any other format such as an image or PDF format. Therefore, columns in a data source that use BLOB format types to represent images, PDFs, or other non-binary or hexadecimal data should not be included in MicroStrategy.
MicroStrategy supports BLOB format types that include data records of up to 32 Kilobytes. If a BLOB, that contains more than 32 Kilobytes, is included in a report, this can cause an error with a message such as String data, right truncated.