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Updating your MicroStrategy project schema

All of the schema objects—facts, attributes, hierarchies, transformations, and so on—in your project come together to form your project’s schema.

Although the concepts are related, the project schema is not the same as the physical warehouse schema. Rather, the project schema refers to an internal map that MicroStrategy uses to keep track of attribute relationships, fact levels, table sizes, and so on within the project.

Whenever you make any changes to a schema object you must indicate to MicroStrategy that new schema object definitions have been included and that these definitions need to be loaded into memory.

You can do any of the following to update your project schema:

Stop and restart MicroStrategy Intelligence Server, if in server-connected (3-tier) mode.
Disconnect and reconnect to the project or the project source, if in direct (2-tier) mode.
Manually update the schema.

Manually updating the schema allows you to determine which specific elements of the schema are updated.

To manually update the schema

1 In MicroStrategy Developer, from the Schema menu, select Update Schema.
2 In the Schema Update dialog box, select or clear the following check boxes:
Update schema logical information: Use this option if you added, modified, or deleted a schema object.
Recalculate table keys and fact entry levels: Use this option if you changed the key structure of a table or if you changed the level at which a fact is stored.
Recalculate table logical sizes: Use this option to use MicroStrategy Developer’s algorithm to recalculate logical table sizes and override any modifications that you have made to logical table sizes.

Logical table sizes are a significant part of how the MicroStrategy SQL Engine determines the tables to use in a query.

Recalculate project client object cache size: Use this option to update the object cache size for the project.
3 Click Update.

You can also update the schema with the last saved settings by clicking the Update Schema icon in the toolbar.