Using the Table Viewer

The Table Viewer allows you to view all of the tables in your project as well as the joins and/or relationships between those tables and the names of the individual columns in each table.

The tables that are displayed here are logical tables. They represent and indicate how Architect sees the tables that were brought into the project when it was created.

If you make changes to the actual tables in the data warehouse, you will need to update the logical table structure. See The size of tables in a project: Logical table size for information on updating logical table structures.

You can also view all of this information using Architect, which is described in Creating a Project Using Architect.

To view your project’s tables in the Table Viewer

1 In MicroStrategy Developer, from the Schema menu, point to Graphical View.
2 Select Tables.

To view more or less information about each table in the project

1 Open the Table Viewer, as described above.
2 In the Table Viewer, select Options.
3 From the Options menu, select or clear the options for any of the following, depending on what you want to see in the Table Viewer:
Show joins
Use circular joins
Show relationships
Show relationship types
Show columns