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Viewing the MicroStrategy Tutorial data model

Although the MicroStrategy Tutorial data model is displayed in the previous pages, you can also view it directly using MicroStrategy Architect.

To view the MicroStrategy Tutorial data model using Architect

1 If you are not already using the MicroStrategy Tutorial, log in to the project source containing the MicroStrategy Tutorial and expand the MicroStrategy Tutorial project. You must log in as a user with administrative privileges.

By default, the MicroStrategy Tutorial project is provided as part of the MicroStrategy Analytics Modules project source.

2 Right-click the MicroStrategy Tutorial project and select Architect. MicroStrategy Architect opens.
3 From the Hierarchy View, in the Hierarchies drop-down list, select System Hierarchy. The system hierarchy is displayed.

A project’s system hierarchy defines the relationships between all the attributes in a project. Attribute relationships determine how the engine generates SQL, how tables and columns are joined and used, and which tables are related to other tables. For information on defining attribute relationships using Architect, see Defining attribute relationships.

4 From the hierarchies drop-down list you can select a different hierarchy such as Customers, Geography, Products, and Time. These are user hierarchies that define browsing and drilling functionality between attributes. For information on creating user hierarchies using Architect, see Creating and modifying user hierarchies.
5 To save the layout display of a hierarchy, from the File menu, select Export Image. Type a name and select an image type to save the image as, and click Save.