Version 10.4

License Auditing with the Compliance Dashboard

With the Compliance dashboard, you now have the ability as an administrator to monitor system and product usage to ensure that you remain compliant with your MicroStrategy contract. The Compliance dashboard provides insight into what products and quantities are being used based on privilege checks as well as how existing privileges map to MicroStrategy products packaging. Everything needed to configure and deploy the Compliance dashboard is included with your installation or upgrade.

Once configured and deployed one Compliance Dossier will allow you to:

  • Quickly and easily audit multiple sets of metadata.
  • Identify when you are out of compliance with your contract.
  • Understand and easily digest the privileges associated with new products.
  • Identify which licenses are over allocated.
  • Identify which users are using which privileges.

The Compliance dashboard is delivered with your MicroStrategy installation as an Object Manager package that contains the following objects:

  • A dashboard named License Audit
  • Two data import cubes to store your audit information
  • All other necessary dependent objects.

How to Deploy Your Compliance Dashboard

  1. Launch MicroStrategy License Manager and connect to a project source.

    Click Export (for Compliance Dashboard) and save the generated .csv files. A Compliance_Dashboard folder is created automatically to hold these files.

  2. Launch MicroStrategy Object Manager and import the ComplianceDashbord.mmp file to any project. The ComplianceDashboard package is installed in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\MicroStrategy folder.
  3. To create the dashboard, open the 10.4 License Audit Folder in your project.

  4. Import the .csv files from the Compliance_Dashboard folder into the License Audit Cube.

  5. Manually add your purchased Products and Licensed Users to the Licensed Users Input by Customer Cube.

  6. Run the pre-formatted License Audit dashboard.

    The finished Compliance dashboard contains three tabs:

    ClosedLicense Overview | ClosedLicense Details | ClosedPrivelege Details

    The License Overview tab provides a summary of environment, account, and product and license information. Pre-formatted thresholds applied to the Compliance column make out-of-compliance usage instantly recognizable. Reporter and Intelligence users are represented in independent sections to help quickly pinpoint issues.

    The License Details tab provides more in-depth analysis of license usage at the product level, as well as detailed information on each user and their associated privileges.

    The Privilege Details tab consists of a Product-Privilege matrix in reference to the current MicroStrategy Product Packaging. By rule each client license requires a corresponding server license, so a client privilege automatically consumes a server license, with the exception of Reporter privileges. The privileges associated with the Reporter product are listed in their own column in the matrix.

    This information in this chapter is subject to change, based on new products, new privileges or changes to product definitions.

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