MicroStrategy Web Help

Welcome to MicroStrategy Web Help. This online help includes information on the windows you see and the steps you perform when logging in to MicroStrategy Web, navigating through folders and other objects, and running, creating, and formatting reports and Report Services documents.

Access to functionality: Permissions and privileges

Depending on the MicroStrategy privileges assigned to your account, you may not have access to all of the features described in the documentation. If you do not have access to specific functionality that you need, contact your MicroStrategy administrator.

Additional resources

The following table lists additional resources.

For translated versions of these manuals, visit the Product Manuals page.  

For information about...


Evaluating MicroStrategy

Introduction to MicroStrategy: Evaluation Guide

MicroStrategy Evaluation Edition Quick Start Guide

Installing or upgrading MicroStrategy

Installation and Configuration Guide

Upgrade Guide

Configuring and administering a MicroStrategy system

System Administration Guide

System Administration Guide

MicroStrategy Mobile Administration Guide

Modeling data and designing a project

Project Design Guide

MDX Cube Reporting Guide

Customizing MicroStrategy Web

MicroStrategy Developer Zone (MSDZ)

To access the MSDZ, you must have the following:

  • Access to the MicroStrategy Knowledge Base

  • A current MicroStrategy maintenance agreement

Creating reports / working with projects

Creating documents, scorecards, and dashboard-style documents

Document Creation Guide

Dashboards and Widgets Creation Guide

Analytics Modules Installation and Porting Guide

Analyzing data using slice-and-dice techniques

Basic Reporting Guide

Advanced Reporting Guide

MicroStrategy for Office Online Help

Analytics Modules Installation and Porting Guide

MicroStrategy Mobile Design and Analysis Guide

Analyzing data using advanced analysis methods

Functions Reference

Advanced Reporting Guide

Receiving alerts and proactive notification

MicroStrategy Mobile Administration Guide

Narrowcast Server Getting Started Guide

Analyzing OLAP data

In-memory Analytics Guide

For information about contacting Technical Support, see Technical Support.