Defining login options

You can further secure the authentication process in MicroStrategy Web by determining the following:

To define login options

  1. Access the MicroStrategy Web Administrator page. ( How?)

  2. From the pane on the left, select Security. The Security page opens and the login options are displayed under Login.

  3. You can determine whether standard, LDAP, and database authentication users are automatically logged in to a project if their MicroStrategy Web session is lost, or if they must log in manually. Do one of the following
    : Web automatically logs Windows and guest authentication users back in if the session is lost.

  4. You can determine whether users can change a password that has expired. Do one of the following:

  5. You can determine whether the AutoComplete feature in users' browsers is able to store MicroStrategy login information. If AutoComplete is on, users do not have to type their login information completely. For example, if a user's name is 'djohnson' and they begin to type the letters 'd' and 'j', AutoComplete brings up the word 'djohnson.' The user can then select 'djohnson' instead of typing the rest of the letters. Do one of the following:

  6. You can determine whether or not to create a new HTTP session each time a user logs in to a project, to help prevent session fixation attacks. This setting is only applicable to the JSP version of MicroStrategy Web. Do one of the following:

  7. You can determine whether users can automatically log into a project by including the user ID and password information when using the Web URL API. For example, a link can allow a user to execute a report or document with the Web URL API.  Do one of the following:

  8. Click Save to save your changes.