Diagnostics Configuration page

The Diagnostics Configuration preferences page is where you specify what MicroStrategy Web information is logged and the text file to which the information is logged.

Accessing the Diagnostics Configuration page

  1. Access the MicroStrategy Web Administrator page. ( How?)

  2. From the pane on the left, select Configuration. The Diagnostic Configuration page opens.

Contents of the Diagnostics Configuration page

You can select from the following logging options within the Diagnostics Configuration page:

Internal diagnostics setup

This is the default option and is used to set the type of information to be logged in the log file.

Note: The settings defined here are written to the logger.properties file.

Custom diagnostics setup

This option is typically used to load a logger.properties file provided to you by MicroStrategy Technical Support. The logger.properties file contains the internal diagnostics setup settings above, and is saved by default in the CATALINA_HOME\webapps\MicroStrategy\WEB-INF\logfolder. You can load diagnostics settings contained in the file, get the output, and send it back to Technical Support. When the Technical Support engineer is done, he or she can reset your log to its original settings. This allows for a very detailed level of logging without you having to write the logger.properties file yourself.

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