Enabling and viewing statistics

You can enable statistics to interpret and analyze system and server performance and disable them when you no longer need to monitor performance. For example, you can obtain information about the time taken by the Web Server and Intelligence Server to complete an operation, how much data is received and sent, the waiting time to receive some data from the Intelligence Server, and so on.

You can configure Web to display the statistics log file at the bottom of each page in Web. You can also save the statistics to a text file.

The following statistics can be displayed and used as a source for analyzing statistical information about Web.

Statistics are enabled and configured from the Statistics page in the MicroStrategy Web Administrator page.


To enable and view statistics

  1. Access the MicroStrategy Web Administrator page. ( How?)

  2. From the pane on the left, select Statistics. The Statistics page opens.

  3. Determine if and where statistics are displayed by choosing one of the following from the Mode drop-down list.

  4. If you selected File or Screen and File mode above, enter the absolute path of where the Web Server is installed.

  5. Click Save to apply the changes.