Encrypting traffic, managing browser caching, and managing session information

As the administrator, you can control how MicroStrategy Web session information is encrypted, cached, and stored on a Web user's machine. You can determine the following:

To determine how session information is encrypted, cached, and stored

  1. Access the MicroStrategy Web Administrator page. ( How?)

  2. From the pane on the left, select Security. The Security page opens.

  3. In the Encryption area, select one of the following options:

  4. In the Browser Caching area, determine whether users' browsers cache any MicroStrategy Web content on their machines by selecting or clearing the Prevent browser from caching content on the client check box.

  5. In the Cookies security level area, determine whether cookies are used to store MicroStrategy Web settings in users' browsers. Select one of the following:

  6. In the URL area, do one of the following:

  7. Note: Even with the session information in the URL, bookmarks only support basic pages that correspond to saved objects or static links. This means users cannot bookmark a report page after they have applied manipulations.

  8. Click Save.