Enabling the Web guest user account

If you enable the Web guest user account, a user can log in to MicroStrategy Web as an anonymous guest user, with privileges that can be assigned as appropriate. For example, users logged in as guests could be permitted to save modifications and jobs only at the session level, so that when a guest user session is terminated, the MicroStrategy Intelligence Server releases all data associated with the session.

The guest user account exists by default and resides in the Public User group.

To enable the guest user login, access and privileges must be granted to the Public User group at each of the following levels:

Web level

The Guest login should already be available in MicroStrategy Web. If it is not, follow these steps to enable it:

  1. Log in to a MicroStrategy project using an account with Web administrator privileges.

  2. From the upper left of any page, click the MicroStrategy icon MicroStrategy icon, then select Preferences. The Preferences page opens.

  3. From the pane on the left, select Project defaults. The General section of the Project Defaults page opens.

  4. From the pane on the left, select Security.

  5. Select the Enabled check box next to Guest.

  6. Click Apply.

Server definition level

  1. In MicroStrategy Developer, right-click the Administration icon under the Intelligence Server to which MicroStrategy Web is connected.

  2. Select Properties. The Properties dialog box is displayed.

  3. On the Security tab, add the user group Public and grant it Connect permission.

  4. Click OK to return to MicroStrategy Developer.

Project level

  1. Access the MicroStrategy Web Administrator page. ( How?)

  2. On the Intelligence Server Administrator page, select Security Role Manager. The Security Role Manager opens.

  3. Select the New Security Role icon from the toolbar. The Security Role Editor opens.

  4. Create the security role "Guest" by entering Guest in the Name field.

  5. Grant the required permissions for guest users.

  6. Select the Members tab.

  7. Browse to the Public/Guest user group and add it to the Selected list.

  8. Click OK.

User level

  1. Access the MicroStrategy Web Administrator page. ( How?)

  2. Select User Manager. The User Manager opens, displaying a list of the user groups that reside on the current Intelligence Server.

  3. In the pane on the right, right-click the Public user group and select the option Grant access to projects. The Group Editor dialog box opens.

  4. In the Project Access tab, ensure that the Public user group has the proper privileges to access MicroStrategy Web. That is, it should at least have the Web user privilege.

  5. Click OK.

Object level

  1. In MicroStrategy MicroStrategy Developer, click the Public Objects folder to open it.

  2. Right-click the Reports folder, then select Properties. The Properties dialog box opens.

  3. On the Securities tab, click Add. The Select Developer Users and Groups dialog box opens.

  4. In the Developer Users and Groups field, leave the All groups option selected.

  5. In the list below, select the Public/Guest group.

  6. From the Access Permission field, select View to give the group viewing rights.

  7. Click OK. The Properties dialog box is displayed with the Public / Guest group added to the list.

  8. Select the Apply permissions to all children objects check box and then select the Recursively check box.

  9. Click OK to return to MicroStrategy Developer.

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