Enabling DHTML in MicroStrategy Web

Certain features in MicroStrategy Web are available only if DHTML is supported by your browser and enabled in MicroStrategy Web.

You can do the following in Web only if DHTML is enabled:

Most browsers fully support DHTML, including Internet Explorer 6 and higher, Netscape 7 and higher, and Mozilla Firefox 1.0 and higher. If your browser supports DHTML, DHTML is enabled in MicroStrategy Web by default. However, if you are unsure whether DHTML is enabled in Web, use the procedures below to enable DHTML and test DHTML-only features in Web.

To enable DHTML

  1. Click the MicroStrategy icon MicroStrategy icon at the top of the page and select Preferences. The User Preferences page opens.

  2. On the left, click General. The General preferences are displayed.

  3. From the Use Dynamic HTML drop-down list, select Determine automatically. If you are using a browser that supports DHTML, DHTML is enabled in Web.

  4. Click Apply.

Use the procedure below to test whether DHTML is enabled in Web.

To test whether DHTML is enabled in Web

  1. Click the name of a report to execute it.

  2. From the Format menu, select Report Details Properties.

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